BL 3. Gilt Viking Drum Brooch ca. 9th-10th Cent. AD

An exceedingly rare Viking treasure made of gilt bronze and decorated in the Scandinavian Borre Art Style. Most often associated with the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. This hollow cast drum shaped brooch has a central disc, the outer sidewall and panels have regularly spaced knotwork. Four rectangular dividing panels also display knotwork. The upper face has cruciform bands, each with a knotted serpent motif, the quadrants filled with a knot and a facing male mask to each angle. Separate base plate has basketwork design with intact hinge pin and catch plate. These were status symbols for wealthy women and were used to pin a Hangerok Dress or shawl at the shoulders, possibly worn in pairs like the “Turtle” Brooches. Provenance of a long time British collection, previous to that, it was purchased on the German art market. $14,500.00
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BL 2. Decorated Bronze Viking Bracelet ca. 9th-11th Cent. AD

A fantastic textbook example with wolf tooth stamping and dot and linear decoration. Superb condition with sharp details. Lightly cleaned. From an old Latvian collection. See Holger Arbmann “Birka I die Graber” for reference. $650.00
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BL 1. Gilt Silver Frankish Bow Brooch ca. 5th-6th Cent. AD.

A sumptuous Merovingian Brooch in superb condition. These were worn in pairs to pin a woman’s cloak at the shoulders and were symbols of status in Germanic Culture. Highly detailed with niello decoration and a beast head terminal. Iron pin and catch plate still intact. 2.5″ in length. Finely wrought by a Germanic Silver Smith for a wealthy woman. The Franks were a fierce tribe and early champions of Catholic Christianity while their barbarian cousins were steadfast Arian (see heresy of Arius) Christians. This was due to their great King Clovis’ conversion at Rheims in 496. The Franks were the most successful of the Germanic Kingdoms and the only one to survive and become a modern nation state. Detailed provenance unknown but certainly France or Western Germany. $1650.00
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